Dial-O-Mat V7.0

Here are some screenshots of my dialer for amiga and comatible. This dialer existed since 1993 but was kept secret. Many things have been added since then. I kept it secret because it has some really powerful tools. Now you can download for free. Also you may download the source code. Please contact me at if you have troubble.

This dialer includes lots of funktions which can be helpfull not only for dialing.

* this dialer replaces every phonebook of any programm
* phonenumbers are setting, local and global independent, no more scripts in the phonebook like "*efga02125551212c"
* up to 26 tones or special tones
* digits can be made of a defined tone sequence
* options for rectangle, sine, noise tones
* settings seperat saveable
* 20 phonebook seperations
* full modem controll with direct access to the serial port even while any other programm is using the serial.device
* puls and tone for manual, semiautomatic and automatic dialing with pulse or tone.
* dialup, global string, local string and park string for each setting (no more hotkeys on terminals to dialup)
* a timer and a 2-mode-scanner will help you while testing and searching codes.
* all numbers can be dialed directly with the modem
* arexx support
* a voice scanner to scann a list of phone numbers or codes or whatever
* a realtime spectrum analyser with up to 10 channels
* realtime frequency mixing which provides 14 bit quality on standard amiga sound
* a realtime frequenty slider with automatic movement
* a cool and easy to use slider to create frequencies in realtime
* more..


Now here are OLD screenshot of some windows. The main window controll the action of dialing, breaking and sending tones which are defined by the setup. It also contains the phonebook.

The scaner is useful to test numbers and strings and also easely count them up and down by clicking on the buttons.

This window will send a string to the chosen dialer type.

Here you can define the break, seize and dial-strings, the counry and area-code, the digit conversion for more tones per digit and the volume and frequency of each tone.

In this setup you can config your dialer for the line controll. You can chouse betweed tourch tone and pulse and a hook swich or even a modem.

If you need to mesure some delays, you can take advantage of these 4 predefineble up/down timers.